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Blânche Beauty

Pro Microdermabrasion At Home Kit

$ 129.00 USD


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Package includes
  • Pro Microdermabrasion device
  • Microcrystalline probe tip 
  • Large round probe tip
  • Oval probe tip
  • Small round probe tip
  • Universal Micro USB charging cable
  • Pack of 5 isolation filter inserts
  • Blackhead extractor
  • User manual

Best At Home Microdermabrasion kit!

Blânche Beauty Professional Microdermabrasion kit is an elite exfoliation skin texture and skin tone enhancement device, perfect for all types of skin especially sensitive skin.

Our Pro Microdermabrasion tool does not use micro vibrations but the latest state of the art negative pressure technology, it produces more powerful and more stable suction to effectively remove undesirable skin imperfections as well as shrink pore size. Pro Microdermabrasion device removes the surface layer of dead skin and stimulates healthy vital blood flow reactions in the deeper skin layer, resulting in soft and hydrated skin that glows. 


Benefits & features of our best skin exfoliator

  • Pro microdermabrasion kit is designed to save you countless time and money spent at the beauty salon.
  • Home microdermabrasion takes 5 Minutes! Thats all it takes to add to your skincare routine. 
  • Pro microdermabrasion kit delivers professional clinical results all at the comfort of home.
  • Pro microdermabrasion system refines dead skin cells resulting in clearer and brighter complexion 
  • Pro microdermabrasion treatment stimulates collagen production to restore skin elasticity
  • Pro microdermabrasion treatment generates blood flow which increases the nutrition delivered to the overall skin cells. This improves cell production
  • Pro microdermabrasion kit prevent breakouts – unclogs congestion, minimise pore size
  • Pro microdermabrasion kit reduces the appearance of mild acne scars, unwanted blemishes
  • Pro microdermabrasion kit treats premature ageing, mild pigmentation, even-out skin tone, sun exposure
  • All home microdermabrasion kits come with a instruction manual 
  • Pro microdermabrasion kit expel blackheads, whiteheads and pimples stimulate blood flow reversing the signs of ageing skin

Through regular use of the Pro Microdermabrasion machine, as well as supplementing superior all natural topical skincare products, your skin will remain healthy and have that amazing glow.

Premium Quality

Attention to detail is crucial, we demand only the highest quality products for our customers

Customer Satisfaction

We treat our customers like family, we will do what ever it takes.

Free Shipping

Who likes to pay for shipping? Uuhh gross! Free shipping worldwide, music to our ears.

Save money & Time

Money can buy you time. Return on investment after 4 sessions, guaranteed.

1 Year Warranty

100% guarantee any issues we will provide you with a new device pronto!


It is in our integrity to preserve our planet, every little help makes a huge difference. Eco friendly recyclable materials is a must.

Multifunctional Exfoliator, four probe head attachment:

▪️Small round probe head is suitable for sensitive skin, focused on hard to reach places,  specific targeted pore size areas. lowest power vacuum suction intake.

▪️Oval probe head specialises more so around the eyes, mouth, sensitive areas. To massage and increase blood circulation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Mild power vacuum suction intake.

▪️Microcrystalline probe head is similar to a diamond tip. Diamond tips are generally too aggressive. The microcrystalline tip safely yet gently abrades and resurfaces the epidermis. Removing dead skin cells, corrects and minimises  fine lines, imperfections like mild acne scarring, smooth out uneven skin tones and age spots. Average power vacuum suction intake.

▪️Large round probe head, strong absorption, great for covering larger surface areas exfoliating dead skin cells. Minimising larger pores, promote blood and lymph circulation. Diminishing fine lines. Suitable for coarse overall skin types as well as oily skin. Full vacuum suction intake.

One Button, Three Modes

Choose the right mode according to your overall skin type.

▪️The LED screen clearly shows modes and battery life, taking out the guess work, giving more of a dynamic experience.

▪️One button does all! We keep technology as basic as possible, leaving one button to glide through your routine.

▪️The 'Soft' mode is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, we recommend starting with this mode.

▪️'Normal', medium strength suction, an all rounder, for skin type that fits somewhere in the middle. Perfect for pimple formation, fine lines and sun damage.

▪️'Strong' is tailored for greasy, oily skin. For a deeper penetration skin cells, cleaning out heavier dirt particles. For coarse skin types, beneficial strength for exfoliating fine lines, mild acne scarring.

Microdermabrasion System Medical Grade Air Pump

▪️Lithium polymer battery, standby lasting up to 30 days.

▪️2-3 hours charge time.

▪️Powerful medical grade air pump, up to 65KPA suction.

▪️Noise index 57db max. 

▪️Friction coefficient  μ= 0.1, safe to use on sensitive skin.

▪️Sustainable, Eco friendly, recyclable materials.

diy micro dermabrasion

Pro Microdermabrasion At Home Kit

$ 129.00 USD