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Sanitiser FAQ

Fact Sheet: Alcohol Sanitisers Vs Pure South Quaternary Sanitisers

NOTE: Regular and efficient handwashing should be performed with soap and water as a primary step in personal hygiene and the prevention of transmissible diseases.

Pure South Sanitisers and Disinfectants are Commercial grade sanitisers and disinfectants manufactured under ISO9001: 2015 and Good Manufacturing Process 22716 certification.

Can Pure south sanitizer protect me from corona virus?
- Absolutley World Health Organisation (WHO) Laboratory biosafety guidance related to novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) interim guidance 12 February 2020 cites appropriate disinfectants to use in the light of the comparable genetic characteristics with SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. WHO suggesting that 2019- nCoV may be susceptible to disinfectants with proven activity against enveloped viruses utilising certain strengths of particular ingredients. Pure South Quaternium products contain key active ingredients identified in the WHO guidance.

How come Pure South sanitizer doesn’t feel like anything, does it actually work?
- Pure South has their own unique QuatLok advanced technology creates an invisible microscopic layer of protection on your skin which continually destroys germs and bacteria for up to 24 hours*. (*) assuming typical daily activity.

Why is Pure South sanitizer so runny?
- Pure SouthTM Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser and disinfectants are water based (3 quaternary agents with high grade purified, deionized water). Due to cost base they are not commonly retailed to the general public as they are commercial grade sanitisers and disinfectants and more expensive than alcohol base products. The manufacturing process is complex to ensure maximum product efficacy and stability, proven patented ingredients are used.

Will Pure South sanitizer effect my delicate sensitive skin?
- Pure SouthTM hand sanitiser and protectant will gently moisturise and protect your skin. The non-alcohol formulation will not dry, crack or damage your hands. Hands are protected, soft and smooth. Suitable for use by children, and can be used around food, pets and plants.

Is Pure South certified?
- Pure SouthTM commercial grade sanitisers and disinfectants meet European and USA international standards for killing 99.99% pathogens under standards: BS EN 1276:2009: ATCC 10541, ATCC 6538, ATCC 8739, ATCC15442 and AOAC Hard Surfaces Carrier Test 991.47 against a wide range of pathogens (Proof of efficacy)

Is Pure South sanitizer food safe?
- Unlike traditional sanitizers which kill bacteria by poison or high alcohol content Pure south sanitizer is food safe.

What’s the ingredients?
- Aqua (Purified water), Polysorbate-20, 3-(trimethoxysily) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride, melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) leaf oil, eucalyptus globulus leaf oil.

Is Alcoholic sanitizers any good?
- Alcohol sanitisers DO NOT PROVIDE EXTENDED PROTECTION AFTER APPLICATION. They are one touch sanitising. After application the alcohol quickly evaporates leaving hands and surfaces without ongoing protection. The next surface touched, including clothes, door handles and rails – your hands are contaminated again.

Is Ethanol safe?
- Ethanol in high percentage is environmentally toxic, classed as a hazardous, flammable good. To be effective alcohol content must be 70% ethanol to water.

Can Alcoholic sanitizer can be used as a intermediate level germicide?