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Enjoy time and money

"Waste your money and you're only out of money but waste your time and you've lost apart of your life." - Micheal LeBoelf


There's one thing that we all have in common, no one likes to waste money. But the last thing you want is for any product to waste your time!

As for taking care of your skin most people turn to beauty salons or spa treatments. Look don't get me wrong, those services are amazing but are quite costly and not very sustainable.

Let us show you with some simple calculations how a microdermabrasion at $50 can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Just 1 session a week with an hour spent inclusive of travels per annum will cost you $2600 with 52 hours wasted.

2 sessions a week with an hours spent each session will amount to $5200 with 104 hours wasted per annum.

If your crazy about your skin and you want to go 3 times per week, thats a whopping $7800 with 156 hours wasted.

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Pro Microdermabrasion treatment device allows you to take care of your skin effortlessly at the comfort of your home!

We have worked endlessly on designing a high quality microdermabrasion device which is simple to use, effective on all people.

This fast moving world we are busy being busy, people just don't have time. Blânche Beauty is focused on giving back the people time and money for a peace of mind skincare with proven results.

How about adding 5 minutes to your skincare routine to maximise your complexion, save you thousands of dollars and hours of your time, does that sound good to you?

Well with use of 1 session a week, you will put $2201 back in to your pocket with 48 hours spare time in to your productivity in a year.

2 sessions a week will put $4801 back in to your bank account with 96 hours of free time.

And with 3 sessions a week its an astounding $7401 saved with an extra 143 hours spare time to do what ever you want!

Can you see where we going? Why don't you put your money and time back to the things you love and enjoy.

At Blânche Beauty our integrity is to serve, we proud ourselves in service by providing value for the community and results that matters.

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Pro microdermabrasion at home machine, blackheads removal kit

Blânche Beauty Professional Microdermabrasion machine is an elite exfoliation and skin enhancement device. It removes the surface layer of dead skin and stimulates healthy vital reactions in the deeper layers of the skin, resulting in soft and hydrated skin that glows. 

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